About us

Be Strong is a clothing company whose founders realize that adversities are universal and happen to all of us regardless of our income, race, age, sex or location in the world.  Although it is not easy, we believe with faith you can overcome your adversities and continue to Be Strong and be a positive example and inspiration to others going through similar adversities.
Be Strong was founded so that you can wear our clothing as a reminder to Be Strong. We invite you to share your inspirational stories along with a photograph of yourself wearing your Be Strong clothing.
Please share your story with us in 300 words or less, briefly describing your adversity and how you are coping. Your story could change someones life forever by giving them the strength and courage to Be Strong and move forward.
With your permission, we will post your story on our site along with your photograph for our Be Strong followers to enjoy and be inspired. No last names will be used and all personal identifiable information will be protected.
Please e-mail stories to world.bestrongnow@gmail.com